Scargo Labs Awarded Coveted Organic and Current Good Manufacturing Practice Certifications for CBD

California-based CBD/CBG/CBN hemp extraction specialists among few companies that is both certified as an USDA Organic Processor and recipient of the industry gold standard cGMP recognition, enforced by the FDA


OAKLAND, Calif., Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewsCentre/ — Just in time for the fall hemp harvest, Scargo Labs, a leading hemp processor and supplier of nutraceutical grade CBD/CBG/CBN announced today that they have earned two certifications; one for their processing of organic ingredients and another for best-in-class manufacturing practices.

Scargo Labs’ processing of CBD/CBG/CBN biomass, oils and retail products have met the stringent requirements of the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) and are now certified organic by SCS Global—an international leader in third party certification, validation, and verification for food safety and quality performance.

SCS Global also awarded Scargo Labs the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) Certification — solidifying their reputation as a premier global supplier of CBD/CBG/CBN full spectrum crude oil, broad-spectrum distillate and 99% pure isolate.

“Ensuring the safety and quality of our CBD/CBG/CBN ingredients and products has always been our highest priority—specifically at all points in the supply chain where we perform biomass sourcing, storage, handling, processing and distribution,” said Bill Fisher, co-founder and President of Scargo Labs.

“Achieving the difficult to attain organic and cGMP certifications sets Scargo Labs apart as a hemp manufacturing partner and reflects our commitment to providing businesses and customers with the highest quality, remarkably consistent, unadulterated, hemp-derived CBD/CBG/CBN ingredients and products available to naturally and safely improve health.”

The cGMP certification establishes guidelines for the processes, procedures and documentation to assure a product has the identity, strength, composition, quality and purity that appear on its label. Achieving cGMP certification, considered the highest standard for global quality compliance, sets the stage for Scargo Labs to extend their services and collaborate with more international partners.

“Working with Scargo Labs over the past couple of years, we have been impressed with their professionalism, transparency and consistent quality. Becoming cGMP certified, along with their ability to process organic material under USDA guidelines, is just another feather in their cap on the way to becoming one of the leading manufacturers in the hemp industry. We are thrilled to be working with them,” said Zach Sufrin, US Business Development Manager at Canopy Growth.

CONTACT: William Fisher, President, Scargo Labs, , 415-385-8078

About Scargo Labs
Scargo Labs is California’s first hemp manufacturing company to blend cutting-edge science with rigorous third-party testing to develop the highest quality CBD/CBG/CBN extracts and products. Scargo Labs was born from a family experience with cancer and witnessing CBD’s beneficial health effects to improve quality of life. Scargo Lab’s products are derived exclusively from American-grown hemp and utilizes a proprietary technology platform to create products with up to 99.9%+ concentration of CBD/CBG/CBN. To learn more about Scargo Labs, our extraction services, custom tinctures and other products please visit

CONTACT: Jacqueline Sullivan 

SOURCE: Scargo Labs

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  • Founded in 2016.
  • Result of a Stage 3 family cancer experience. CBD/CBG helped throughout chemo and radiation treatment – primarily with sleep and appetite.
  • Leading supplier of Full Spectrum Crude Oil and Broad Spectrum CBD/CBG Distillate and Isolate.
  • Operate a 25,000 square foot pharmaceutical R&D facility, near San Francisco, California.
  • Capable of producing up to 10000 Kg/month.
  • Both Organic and GMP Certified Extraction Facility.
  • Access to endless acres of industrial hemp in partnership with farmers across USA.
  • Growing array of CBD/CBG retail products.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scargo Labs

Where is Scargo Labs located?

Main Facility is in Oakland California but expanding near you soon!

How big is your facility?

We operate in a 25,000 sq. ft state of the art facility out of Oakland California.

What extraction process do you use?

We use Ethanol extraction.

When was Scargo Labs founded?

We were founded in 2016 due to personal cancer crisis. See story on this page.

Are third party COA’s available?

Absolutely, all our CBD is tracked from seed to final product.

What does Scargo mean?

Scargo was a Native American Princess whose name means “it flows through.”

Is Scargo Labs Publicly traded?

No, not currently.