Scargo Labs Manufactures the Most Well-Crafted

Wholesale CBD/CBG Products

Wholesale CBD/CBG is not created equal. We are proud to claim that our wholesale products provide our customers with easy access to the highest quality, premium CBD/CBG. All our products are third-party tested to be free of pesticides, residual solvents, and heavy metals. Whether you are buying wholesale CBD/CBG Crude Oil, Isolate, or Distillate, you can be confident you are purchasing from a company whose innovation goes beyond the CBD/CBG space.

CBN is now available on a limited basis.

California’s only Pharmaceutical R&D facility


We are the only CBD/CBG manufacturer and wholesaler in California that is permitted as a Pharmaceutical R&D facility. Having a Pharmaceutical R&D permit allows the CBD/CBG to maintain the highest grade classification. Scargo Labs’s wholesale program allows you to purchase high-quality CBD/CBG in various methods of output including crude oil, isolate and distillate.



  • Full Spectrum Crude Oil – 60% + purity
  • Winterization & Filtration CBD Oil – 70% + purity
  • Distillation (CBD Distillate) – 80% + purity
  • Isolation (CBD Isolate) – 99%+ pure crystal
  • Water Soluble CBD – 100%

From Our Clients

We have the best customers in the world! Here’s what a few have to say about Scargo Labs:

“I want to thank Scargo Labs for their excellent customer service and professionalism. We at Medicileaf LLP have watched our sales increase monthly because of the quality of product we receive from Scargo Labs. Our scientific research team has them rated as one of the best in the business. We have received the utmost care and delivery always on time. We have referred many other manufacturers and distributors to them. We look forward to the future!”

Don Shaffer

CEO-Founder, Medicileaf LLP

“10 Kilos of Isolate order fulfilled within 7 days – exactly what was promised!”

Katty V.

Las Vegas, Nevada

“Excellent experience purchasing Isolate from Scargo Labs. They really went the extra mile to help me out.”

Ken M.

San Diego, California

“Scargo is my go to bulk CBD provider and has been for the last year!”

Leman D.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wholesale Services

What is the minimum quality I can order?

Minimum 1 Kilo at a time.

Can you handle 100 Kilo plus order?

Yes, we have plenty of inventory of high-grade distillate and isolate.

Do you provide samples when necessary?

Yes, we provide samples. Please contact info(at)

Can you ship to Europe and Canada?

Yes, but need to meet local regulations.

Where is your hemp grown?

Our hemp is grown primarily in Oregon and California

Do you provide quantity discounts?

Yes, typically on orders larger than 10 kilos and/or reoccurring monthly orders

What are your typical CBD % in crude, distillate or Isolate?

We produce roughly 62% crude, 83% distillate and 99% isolate CBD content